Dr Maddie Swannack

I’m Maddie, a Junior Doctor, swimming teacher, and quidditch player, meaning I spend my free time with either a pool full of children or a broom between my legs (two things I did not expect to enjoy, but do).

The whole idea of SimpleMed came about when I was moaning to my partner (the creator, Marcus Judge) that I couldn’t find a free revision resource that encompassed simple to understand articles and a question bank of multiple choice questions - he chose to write me a website to fill the hole in my revision strategy, and I hope that through the articles and questions populating this website, that it can do the same for others.

To me, medical school is important, but so is everything else in life. I use SimpleMed to streamline my revision so I have more time for the fun things in life, like Bake Off and gin and being a ‘keeper’ on the pitch.


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