Dr Marcus Judge

I'm Marcus, a Junior Doctor with a passion for Acute Care, Radiology and Information Technology (IT). I'm also the creator and designer of SimpleMed.

While I love Medicine, it can be immensely stressful and quality learning resources can be unfathomably expensive - which is why I started SimpleMed as a student to try to help. My aim is for it to become a staple in medical education; big goals, but we're getting there!

I learnt to program at a young age, using my skills as a professional developer in my free time. I have decided to put these skills to good use in Medicine, a field where technological advances tend to face many barriers, despite the positive impact they could make.

I studied Medicine at the University of Leicester and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Warwick. My dissertation at Warwick involved "Programming Bacteria to Learn" to play tic-tac-toe against humans!

I have been a core committee member of Leicester University's MedRIFT (Medical Research Into Future Technologies society), Leicester Surgical and Acute Care/Anaesthetics society, Leicester Medics' Revue (a medical comedy society), the University of Leicester Quadball club (!) and I am often involved in a number of other smaller projects at any one time. I play Field Hockey for a local team and have been a keen Track & Field athlete in the past.

I have also written the mobile app for the Leicester University Student Union Medical Association (LUSUMA), as well as an AI-powered Augmented Reality Escape Room system for the National Medical Research Conference (from scratch)  and do a whole host of other contracted professional IT work.

As you can probably tell, I love being busy and always being where the action is happening, so my aim in life is to end up working in a career where I can be kept on my toes.
I'd also love to use my skills to help improve the NHS and its ability to deliver holistic care to patients - something that I personally believe requires better use of technology to free up healthcare professionals to focus on the patients.


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