Learn about the components of blood, how they are analysed and the different pathologies associated with the blood and haematopoietic system.
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1. Haematopoiesis and the Spleen

Understand the process of haematopoiesis, the development of the main blood cell types as well as the function of the spleen and the causes & clinical significance of splenomegaly and hyposplenism.

2. Full Blood Count and Bloodfilms

Understand what it means to have a "normal" result, the reasons as to why results may be "abnormal", how blood is analysed, why and how you would do a blood count and be able to describe a blood film using the appropriate terminology.

3. Anaemia

Be able to understand what anaemia is and how it is defined clinically, understand how anaemia develops and what the causes are, be able to classify anaemia based on the appearance of red blood cells, be able to describe how anaemia presents and describe the treatment of anaemia.

4. Vitamin B12 and Folate

Understand the function and absorption of vitamin B12, the function and absorption of folate, the effects of a deficiency in vitamin B12 or folate and the dietary requirements for providing these required building blocks.

5. Haemoglobinopathies

Describe what haemoglobinopathies are and to be able to give some examples, describe thalassaemias, including the different types and how they are caused and describe sickle cell anaemia and the treatment for it.

6. When Haematopoiesis goes wrong

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7. Haematology in Systemic Disease

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