Learn the roles of the kidneys, including their ability to manage blood pressure and filter for homeostasis, as well as some of the pathologies associated with the renal system.
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1. Anatomy of the Kidneys, Bladder and Urethra

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2. Development of the Urinary System

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3. The Nephron

  • Understand the role of the nephron within the kidney
  • Be aware of the anatomical segments of the nephron and each of their basic functions within the filtering process of the kidney

4. The Glomerulus – Tubular Reabsorption and Secretion

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5. Control of Plasma Volume

  • Understand the components of extracellular fluid and their effect on plasma concentrations and diffusion
  • Understand some of the mechanisms by which the kidneys help to regulate blood pressure
  • Be aware of the transporters within each section of the kidney nephron and their roles within homeostasis
  • Be aware of how these transporters can be targeted by drugs such as diuretics and how these can be used therapeutically

6. Control of Plasma Osmolarity

  • Understand how the body controls plasma osmolarity
  • Understand the role of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ADH in the control of plasma osmolarity
  • Understand the effect of ADH on the collecting ducts of the kidney
  • Understand the medullary counter-current mechanism for sensitively controlling the reabsorption of water
  • Understand some of the things that can go wrong with controlling plasma osmolarity

7. Control of Potassium

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8. Micturition

  • Understand the phases of micturition (urination)
  • Understand the neural mechanisms that regulate these phases
  • Understand some of the pathophysiology that can affect micturition and why certain neurological conditions can present with urinary symptoms

9. Diuretics

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10. Glomerular Filtration Rate and the Measurement of Kidney Function

  • Understand what a Glomerular Filtratation Rate (GFR) is
  • Understand how this can be calculated for patients and its relevance
  • Understand the prupose of urinalysis
  • Be aware of urodynamic studies and what they involve

11. Hyponatraemia

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12. Urinary Incontinence

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13. Glomerular Disease

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14. Diabetic Nephropathy

  • Understand the pathophysiology of Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Understand how Diabetes can cause a nephrotic syndrome
  • Be aware of the signs and symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Know the risk factors for developing Diabetic Nephropathy as a Diabetic

15. Acute Kidney Injury

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16. Chronic Kidney Disease

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17. Urinary Tract Obstruction

  • Understand the causes of urinary tract obstruction
  • Be aware of specific conditions and their pathophysiology that can cause urinary tract obstruction
  • Understand the different types of urinary retention and their presentations
  • Be aware of the complications of urinary retention and the surrounding syndromes

18. Urinary Tract Infections

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19. Prostate Pathology

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20. Male Urological Conditions

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21. Urological Malignancy

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