Elena Perez

¡Hola! Moi c’est Elena. I am a medical student like all the writers so far. Along with Ethan I have been writing the infection articles with hopes to spark your passion (or at least some slight interest) for this fascinating field! In all seriousness, do give it a try: no matter the discipline you choose to specialise in, knowledge in infection will come handy: our bodies carry 10 times more bacteria in them than human cells – mind-blowing I know, how can we pretend to understand human health without taking the microbiome into account?!

In my spare time, I am mainly busy recruiting people for Medics Revue (LUSUMA’s sketch comedy society, contact me if you want to join!), running and volunteering at Parkrun™, reading French literature, learning weird and extraordinary languages on Duolingo or daydreaming about the next place on the map I want to visit (the whole of it is on my bucket list).


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